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Brainsaver Helmet Adult Scooters

Looking for a fresh new helmet to wear on the job or when you're not feeling fit? a triple eight helmet will keep you safe and comfortable. With a sweat sawyer liner, this helmet comes equipped with an alert system, back-up light, and hard case. When it's time to work hard, all you need is just minutes of stress.

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

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The triple eight helmet with sweatsaver liner black rubberred xx-large is a great choice for those looking for a hard-shell helmet that is also a great accessory for the lifestyle of scooters. This helmet has a stylish sweat-saver liner that will make you look like a rockstar when out on the scooters. It is sure to keep your head and stomach on the line when riding in the heat or cold.
the triple eight helmet with sweat saver liner united red rubber x-large is a hardshell helmet that is perfect for adult scooters. It is made from durable rubber and has a forward view, making it a good choice for those who love to ride. The helmet also features a sweat saver liner, making it super comfortable to wear.
the triple eight brainsaver certified bike is the perfect helmet for adults who want to enjoy a little excitement and skating at the same time. This bike has a black rubber l xl size and is triple eight's certified bike for skate helmets. The brainsaver guarantee ensures that your helmet is safe and is made to protect you well.